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Volunteer Hours

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Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Hours:
BHA is a community-based volunteer organization.  To help get all the work done each family is required to work 35 winter hours between October 1 - March 31; and 25 summer hours between April 1 - September 30.

At the time of registration, 2 checks per family in the amount of $350.00 and $250 each are collected that serve as a "deposit" toward the work hour requirement.  Once the work hours for a period are complete, the corresponding check is returned to the family or destroyed.  In the event a family does not complete their work hours for a period, the corresponding check will be cashed to the general fund.  There is no prorating of work checks.  What counts for volunteer hours: concessions, zamboni, ice maintenance, rink projects, cleaning, locker room monitor, working games  (score keeper, time clock and penalty box, front gate), team manager (15hours), and coaching (20 hours). Hours worked at your home tournament do not count for your volunteer hours requirement.

Hours worked in one season cannot be saved or credited to the next.


Families are responsible for submitting their hours. Be sure to keep track of the hours you have worked. Volunteer hour requirements are per hockey family.

35 Hours - Winter, 25 Hours - Summer

25 Hours - Winter, 25 Hours - Summer (New Members Only)

All Coaches will get 20 hours. Managers will get 15 hours

email Jen Omann  with your hours and please include;

Date: Actual date work occurred

Purpose: Practice, Game, Zamboni

Where: Concessions, Clean-up, Scorekeeper, etc...

Time: Actual time


1. Work hours are for association members only.

2. It's not the responsibility of the Board to call you to see if you have turned in all your hours.

3. Click on Envelope to Send Email to Work Hour Coordinator or use the link above to email hours to Jen Omann.

Jenn Omann

Volunteer Hours Coordinator


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Annual GOLF TOURNAMENT 6/21; Join us on the greens to raise $$ for the association.


June Bug Days 5/6-5/9; Brat Stand workers & Cookers WANTED!