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Volunteer Hours


Go to DIBS to claim volunteer shifts.

* Click here for more instruction on claiming volunteer shifts.

To ensure we can successfully apply your DIBS hours to your family,  PLEASE do the following;

  • Always list OLDEST CHILD (preferably last name, first name)
  • Always list your FULL NAME (preferably last name, first name)
  • Do not use initials in either of the fields above
  • Do not double report hours by e-mail that are in DIBS, only report if there is a change or error (i.e. someone else worked your shift)

*Canceling  a DIBS shift must be done before the cancellation date (usually 10 days before the shift). After that, it is your responsibility to find a replacement for the shift claimed. Expectations may apply, ie: family emergency or sudden illness.

Submit your hours here!

Email work hours that are NOT claimed through DIBS to

* Include family name, date, # of hours and description of work completed.
* Report in rounded 15 minute increments.
* Please do not email any hours that will be submitted through the DIBS system in order to avoid duplication.


Ryan Anderson

Work Hours Coordinator

Volunteer Hours Policy

BHA is a community-based organization fully run by volunteers. Therefore, all members are required to help support the activities of the association through volunteer hours and, to ensure that the workload is somewhat balanced, BHA has established work hour minimums by family (detailed below). Single-parent households may apply to the BHA Board of Directors for a reduction in work hours, which the Board will review and make determinations on a case-by-case basis.

Each team is required to staff their home games and some work slots will be required for certain away games. Hours worked for home and away games DO count toward your service hours requirements. Your team manager will request volunteers for each work spot required during a given game. Any spots that are not filled will be assigned to a family by the manager. Unfulfilled work spots will be reported to the BHA Board of Directors.

To ensure that the participation of the work load is somewhat balanced, service requirements are as follows (per family): 

Winter Service Hour Requirements – October through March

  • 25 hours for first year association members
  • 35 hours for all others
  • At registration, a check totaling $350 ($250 for first-year members), dated April 1st of the following year, will be collected. This serves as a “deposit” towards winter work hours. If all required winter service hours are fulfilled the check will be destroyed or returned. In the event that a family does not fulfill the required winter service hours, that check will be deposited and applied to association expenses. There will be no “pro-rating” of winter work checks.

Summer Service Hour Requirements – April through September

  • 25 for all members
  • Summer hours will not be required for the families of seniors who graduated that prior season, assuming they have no other players in the association.
  • At registration, a check totaling $500, dated October 1st of the following year, will be collected. If all of your minimum summer service hours are fulfilled, this check will be destroyed or returned. If all of the 25 required summer hours are not fulfilled, this check will be deposited and you will be provided a refund check equal to $20 per hour worked during the summer period.

*For example, if you work 14 service hours April through September, your $500 check will be cashed in October and, in return, you will receive a $280 check in recognition of the work hours fulfilled.

Service hours may not be carried into the next season or year. Members may not gift service hours to other members unless approved by the BHA Board of Directors. Each family is responsible for recording their own service hours and ensuring they are reported to the Service Hour Coordinator by communicated deadlines.

Hours worked at your home tournament do not count for your volunteer hours requirement.

All Coaches will get 20 hours for the first team and 10 hours for each additional team.  Managers will get 15 hours.


***Remember all hours are to be submitted by March 31st, 2024