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Registration Information

General Information- Hockey Season Registration

USA HOCKEY online registration is MANDATORY, prior to BYHA Registration, for all hockey PLAYERS, COACHES (excluding Varsity High School & FUSION players) and MANAGERS.

*It is your responsibility to register online and submit this form during a registration date.


NOTE: Fees collected during online registration:

  • USA Hockey fee of $46 for age 7 & over and WAHA fee of $10 for age 7 - 18
  • USA Hockey fee for 6 & under $0 for age 6 & under (birth year 2014 and after) registration must still be completed to receive the confirmation number required for registration.

Additional confirmation pages can be requested from the Welcome page of online registration at:  Click on '+Request Duplicate Registration Confirmation' in the lower right corner under "Member Options" and enter last name, date of birth, and zip code.  You can then print the page or send it to the email address you enter.

Fees for 2020-2021 season

First Year Player (2012 & Younger) ($55.00)
Returning Mite (2012 & Younger) ($160.00)
U10 (2011/2010) ($325.00)
Squirts (2011/2010) ($325.00)
U12 (2008/2009) ($375.00)
Pee Wee (2008/2009) ($375.00)
U14 (2006/2007) ($425.00)
Bantam (2006/2007) ($425.00)

Double Roster Fee is $50.00 and must be accompanied by Board Approval.

Family Cap is $900.00; fees NOT included in this cap are the online registration fees for USA Hockey.

  • The Winter Work Hours $350 ($250 for first year members) Check needs to be POST dated to 03/01/2021.
  • The Summer Work Hours $500 Check needs to be POST dated to 09/01/2021.

Financial Assistance is available this season, see the attachment for more information.

Reduced Work Hours can be applied for, click link for more information.



If you have High School players and youth hockey players and will be over the family cap, register all your players online including High School players.  You will not pay the High School Fees online, however this will be used in the calculation of the family cap.  When you register your High School players you DON'T do the USA HOCKEY registration.  

Jamie VanRanst


Phone: 651-261-1323


Volunteer Hours:
BHA is a community-based volunteer organization.  To ensure that the participation of the work load is somewhat balanced, each family is required to work a minimum of 35 winter hours, which are to be completed between September 1 - March 31; and 25 summer service hours, which are to be completed between April 1 - August 31.

At the time of registration, 2 checks per family in the amount of $350.00 and $500 each are collected that serve as a "deposit" toward the work hour requirement.  Once the work hours for a period are complete, the corresponding check is returned to the family or destroyed.  In the event a family does not complete their work hours for a period, the corresponding check will be cashed to the general fund.  There is no prorating of work checks.  A minimum of 35 winter hour & 25 summer hours must be achieved to avoid cashing checks.

First year families only have to do 25 winter hours and 25 summer hours.  They will only have to turn in work checks for $250 each.  

Hours worked in one season cannot be saved or credited to the next.

Each family is required to record their own hours on this website unless using DIBS (this will record your hours for you)

One of our largest fundraisers is hosting invitational tournaments each year.  Each team will be required to staff the tournament at their level.  The tournament schedule will be posted on this website on the Calendar Page.  THE HOURS WORKED FOR YOUR HOME TOURNAMENT AT THE LEVEL OF EACH OF YOUR PLAYERS DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD THE REQUIRED WINTER WORK HOURS.

►►Pizza Sales/ Thirty-One:  this season our pizza sale will be Heggie’s Pizzas or Thirty-One and will take place in January 2021... more info to follow.

Calendar Raffle:
Each family is required to sell 13 calendars at a cost of $25.00 per calendar.  The calendars will be available in October and must be sold and turned in no later than December 31, 2020.  Since we are unable to accept any tickets after the first raffle, any tickets received after December 31 will be returned and you will be billed for the outstanding balance.